How to Create a Content Strategy using The Hub and Spoke Method

How to Create a Content Strategy using The Hub and Spoke Method

Hub and Spoke Method

The spokehub distribution paradigm (or model or network) is a system of connections arranged like a wire wheel in which all traffic moves along spokes connected to the hub at the center.

That sounds nice, but what does it mean?

Thanks, Wikipedia, we’ll take it from here.

It’s not new, and it’s certainly not restricted to content marketing. In fact, the Hub and Spoke method is common across many industries including supply chain management, transport, telecommunications and investment banking.

The concept is centered around one centralized idea forming the base, then sparking other ideas and tactics from it, creating a cog-like effect where everything is turning and working together simultaneously.

Here at Content Kite, we employ it as our key strategy creation method, and it’s how we’re able to consistently come up with topics and content that resonate with our clients’ audiences.

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Which Content Marketing Metrics Matter and How You Should Be Using Them

Which Content Marketing Metrics Matter and How You Should Be Using Them

Understanding which content marketing metrics to monitor can be quite daunting. With metrics spanning A-Z, all readily available in real time, there really is a plethora of data available at your disposal.

But guess what, you don’t actually need all of that data to determine your strategy, nor to create the right funnel. You only need those which are going to help you turn your valuable content into valuable customers.

And whilst there is no one golden formula for ensuring you convert each and every one of your readers into customers, we’ve simplified things to help you cut through the clutter of analytics. These are the metrics you should be monitoring and applying their findings to your business:

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Converting Readers to Subscribers to Customers in 4 Easy Steps

Converting Readers to Subscribers to Customers in 4 Easy Steps

Great. We’ve got your interest. If you read the title of this blog post and clicked on it, you’re ready to do just what it says.  But you’re wondering if it can be done in just 4 steps? And easy ones at that?

Well, our method is tried and proven, so we want to share it with you. Here’s our four-step guide to converting readers to customers (don’t worry, we’re not cutting out the middleman – Subscribers, we just wanted to get to the point quicker)

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Scope Creep. It’s a Thing. So How Can You Avoid It?

scope creep

Have you heard of scope creep? Even if you haven’t heard of it, as a freelancer or business provider, you’ve probably experienced it.

What is it? Scope Creep is the definition of those tiny asks from a client. All those tiny asks that add up, and up and eventually become a mountain of extra work. Work that was not defined in the brief, and work that is rarely compensated. Any changes made to the project scope after it begins is scope creep.

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Using Digital Content to Help in Offline Conversations

using digital content offline

Here on the Content Kite blog, we talk a lot about creating killer digital content in order to help you gain increase traffic, gain leads and drive conversions.

But how does that translate offline?

Does creating all of these rich assets online really help you in the real world? The short answer is yes. But for the purpose of this blog post, we’ll give you the long version too.

Understanding how digital content can affect your business offline can not only have great benefits for your business growth but can also strengthen the relationships with your customers.

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Reciprocity: How Paying it Forward can have Great Outcomes for your Business


Reciprocity. A term not immediately synonymous with business. The act of giving without the intention of receiving anything in return, doing something with entirely good intentions in order to help others.

When implemented correctly, the concept of reciprocity can be a powerful tool in business. Especially when it comes to customer acquisition, driving referrals and even generating revenue. Further still, it can strengthen the relationship with your existing customers. Most of us in the online services space know all too well about the importance of building long lasting, strong client relationships. read more…

The Best Content Marketing Tools in the Game and How to Apply them to your Content Marketing Strategy

Content Marketing. It’s a beast. At the base of it all lies, of course, well-crafted or curated content. But without the right tools in place to lift it into the giant online stratosphere with the right message, and in front of the right audience, it is merely a piece of content.

To truly tame the beast, we’ve put together this list of invaluable tools to help you with each phase of your content marketing campaign and bolster your content marketing strategy for the future. read more…

4 Simple Questions to Determine your Clients Biggest Pain Points

4 Simple Questions to Determine your Clients Biggest Pain Points

Hands up if you think you know what your clients biggest challenge is?

Is that so? Have you asked them or are you assuming?

Here’s the thing. We all like to think we know exactly how to solve our customer’s problems, but we rarely delve into finding out what they really are.

And here’s the other thing, customers are not always experts in determining what their biggest pain points are – if they did, they wouldn’t need your services and take care of it themselves.

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Pre-Outreach: The Free Link Building Method that Actually Works

Hi [First Name],
I was looking for content on [Topic] today, when I stumbled on your article: [Article Title].
Good stuff! I especially enjoyed [Something specific from their article].
Also, I just published a new guide on [Your Topic]: [URL]. As someone that writes about [Topic], I thought you’d enjoy it.
My guide may also make a nice addition to your page. Either way, keep up the awesome work with [Website]!
Talk Soon,
[Your Name]

This is an email template that used to work for building links. The premise is this:

The receiver of this email reads your article, realizes that it would be a good resource to link to in their article, and links to you.

Happy days! Links abound!

Except that never really happens.


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Why Combining your SEO & PPC Strategies will Maximize your ROI

It’s not uncommon to think of PPC and SEO as two completely different strategies. They’re often seen as opposing forces when we should actually be looking at them as complementary rather than competing.

After all, they both form valuable pieces of the most intent driven marketing out there – search.

Collaborating on your PPC and SEO tactics can have a much more beneficial outcome for your business goals than applying them individually.

Businesses that coordinate their PPC and SEO strategies are more likely to convert their visitors into customers, improve their brand visibility and gain higher ROI.

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