Who is Driving the Viral Video Marketing Revolution?

Who is Driving the Viral Video Marketing Revolution?

Viral video marketing is the stuff of marketing dreams. An advert so moving and emotionally educing that the customer feels compelled to share it with their friends and network. Viral marketing has risen to propel some to stardom and bring awareness to many key issues...
The Future of Content Marketing

The Future of Content Marketing

Such an ambiguous statement, right? We thought we’d put it to the industry. Here’s what they told us about the future of content marketing. The Future is: Interactive & Reliable   We live in a time when attention spans are becoming shorter and the demand for...

Scope Creep. It’s a Thing. So How Can You Avoid It?

Scope Creep is the definition of those tiny asks from a client. All those tiny asks that add up, and up and eventually become a mountain of extra work. Work that was not defined in the brief, and work that is rarely compensated. Any changes made to the project scope after it begins is scope creep.

Why Being in Flow is Good for Business

You know that feeling when you get stuck into a new project, develop a strategy, deliver a killer presentation, write a blog post and all sense of time and self and stress disappears? That’s known as Flow. Being completely immersed in the task itself. An active state...

Using Digital Content to Help in Offline Conversations

Here on the Content Kite blog, we talk a lot about creating killer digital content in order to help you gain increase traffic, gain leads and drive conversions.

But how does that translate offline?

Does creating all of these rich assets online really help you in the real world? The short answer is yes. But for the purpose of this blog post, we’ll give you the long version too.

Understanding how digital content can affect your business offline can not only have great benefits for your business growth but can also strengthen the relationships with your customers.