"I Should Blog At Least Once A Week, But I Don't Have Time"

-Every Business Owner Ever

We get it.

You have a million 'number one' priorities. Content marketing just isn't one of them. But you have a feeling it should be.

If you're here, you're probably very aware of the benefits of content marketing and what it can do for your business (if not, head over to our 'Why' page).

But it does raise the question: is your time as a business owner best spent on content marketing?

From a strategy point of view, absolutely. You should definitely be thinking about using it as a primary marketing channel. As far as actually sitting down and writing goes, however, you probably have higher level things you could be focusing on to grow your business.

When you spread your time and energy too thin, nothing gets done. And a high quality content marketing execution isn't something you just throw together in a few hours.

There's a lot more to content marketing than just keeping a blog - and even that's time consuming.

Additionally, there's planning, research, strategy, writing, scheduling, publishing, promoting, analyzing, repurposing and more. Then repeat. Week in, week out.

Consistency is key. That's where we come in.



End-To-End Content Marketing

That's what we do.

Again. Content marketing is not just blogging. It's much more than that. Our done-for-you service includes the entire spectrum of the content marketing process.

We don't just write blog posts. We build evergreen assets which grow your traffic, increase leads, and drive sales.

We set up the system that truly puts this on autopilot.

Read on for more details - we execute this entire process for every one of our client partners:

A magnifying glass hovering over a description of a customer, indicating customer research

Research & Strategy

There are customers, and there are customers. In almost every business, there'll be a portion of your current customer base that drives a disproportionate amount of profit for you. That's who we aim to attract.

Through discussions with you and your team, along with in-depth industry research, we uncover what types of content your ideal customers want to consume. 

From there, we create a detailed customer persona, content plan and schedule of topics that lays the path to content marketing success. 

Content Creation

Based on our customer deep dive, we produce high quality, relevant content to educate and engage. This is not fluff to boost your SEO ranking (fluffy content won't do that anyway). This is evergreen content that adds value to the reader's life by teaching them something they didn't know. Each post is anywhere between 1200-1500 words.

Blog posts, infographics, guides, lists, case studies, research reviews, you name it. Whatever your ideal customer loves to consume, we can create.

Person sitting at a computer writing blog content
A person giving a wrapped bonus gift to another person, indicating a content upgrade

Content Upgrades

Upgrades grow an email list crazy, which ultimately drives leads and sales.

For every piece of content we create, we include a content upgrade. This is an additional piece of related content attached to the primary content piece, which a user can claim in exchange for their email address. It could be a PDF checklist, cheatsheet, template, or anything else that adds value to the primary piece, that the user can refer to at a later date. Content upgrades have been shown to increase email opt-ins by 50% - 800%.

With that user on your email list, they are now in your marketing and sales funnel, and they like what you have to say.

Content Promotion

Content will drive sales, as long as people read it. Once your content has been produced, we spend as much time promoting it as we did creating it. Seriously.

Releasing high quality content on a consistent basis will naturally boost your SEO rankings, but we go further than that. We reach out to 10+ relevant blogs in your industry, politely asking for a back link or social share if they find it valuable for their audience. We write your email newsletters, social media headlines, and answer relevant questions in forums such as Quora (and link back to your post). We make sure your content gets the audience it deserves.

A megaphone shouting and promoting content to different media channels
Email being sent via marketing automation to various channels 

Email & Marketing Automation

For all of those new subscribers and email newsletters, you'll need someone to manage your marketing automation platform. We can do that! Don't have a platform set up yet? We can do that too. We make sure that every piece of content has a corresponding email newsletter sent with it, and a system to tag new subscribers from your content upgrade opt-ins.

Measurement & Optimization

Because what gets measured, gets managed. At the end of each month, we evaluate and assess what content is performing well, and optimize your future content schedule based on that evaluation. The longer our partnership goes for, the more relevant and valuable our content becomes for your customers.

Measuring and optimizing the success of content marketing
A machine turning content into something else, indicating repurposing.

Content Repurposing

At least every three months, we'll take a collection of your content and turn it into a longer format.

For example, a collection of blog posts can become an eBook or email course. You can then use this additional long form content to drive email opt ins, and further position yourself as the authority in your space.

Let's Talk About Your Content Marketing Machine

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How long does it take to start publishing?

Once you sign up, allow 4 weeks for your first article to be published. This allows for your kickoff call, research, topic scheduling, content creation, review and publishing.

How are you able to publish my articles, social posts, and email newsletters?

Before we get started, we require access to your CMS, social media accounts, email marketing, Google Analytics, and a few other services to deliver downloads (such as content upgrades). You can set limited permission to allow us to do only what we need - this is common practice between marketing services.

I'm not on Wordpress. Can we still work together?

Yes, however Wordpress has a range of features and plugins which will streamline the process for all parties. If you are interested in migrating to Wordpress, we can assist you with the process.

Can I get a discount for quarterly/annual pricing?

Yes. We apply 5% discounts for quarterly payments, and 10% discounts for half year payments.

How long until I start seeing results?

About one month, but significant results will start to show themselves between 3-6 months. That's when we'll have a solid base of content to build on, have steady increases in organic traffic, and will have built your email list and following.

How many times do you post from my social accounts?

It depends on the network (Facebook, Twitter etc.), but we will post at least once on each platform. This has been shown to drive the best results in terms of views and shares.

Am I locked into any long term contracts?

Of course not. You are billed month to month and can cancel at any time (however we don't recommend cancelling before 6 months, from a results point of view).

How do I know this works?

We measure everything. Every month we'll generate a report for you from Google Analytics and your email marketing platform. This will include metrics such as your organic traffic increase, new email subscribers, conversion rate increase and so on.

Can I see samples of your work?

You sure can! Fill out the form on our Samples page and we'll send you samples related to your industry.